The EDI platform

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the myOpenFactory EDI Platform

ERP connection

ERP connection

We understand an ERP connection as a connection between the ERP systems of customers and suppliers, with our EDI platform acting as a link between the systems.

Advantages of EDI compared to manual handling of business processes

  • Reduction of manual effort
  • Cost savings
  • Data less error-prone
  • Fast transmission times
  • Shortening of delivery times through automation
  • Development of new markets and business partners through network effects
  • Focus on value-adding activities
  • Paperless transaction processing
  • Avoidance of manual errors
  • Greater reliability
  • Closer business relationships

Technical information on ERP connections

We support all common transfer methods such as AS2, HTTP(S), SFTP, OFTP2, X.400 or e-mail. If you do not support any of these, we can provide you with our transfer software (client), the myOpenFactory EDI Connector, which will be installed on your system and which establishes a secure connection between your system and our EDI platform.

Of course, we can process all common, standardized file formats such as EDIFACT, SAP-IDoc, cXML, UBL, ANSI X12, openTRANS, and many more. In addition, we have developed a standard interface (module) with the following ERP manufacturers:

But there are also numerous, already prepared, connection options for the proprietary file formats of other ERP systems.

The Platform Principle

The principle of the platform

We set up a connection between your ERP system and our edi platform once. This single interface is enough to connect you with all your business partners. Thus, annoying one-to-one connections belong to the past for you. Connect new business partners faster and more efficiently and at the same time benefit from the numerous connections to the platform that have already been made.

As a central link between business partners, our platform takes over the transmission of messages in a wide variety of formats via a wide variety of transmission paths. So you would not have to depend on what specifications your business partner makes - we will take care of everything else for you!

Advantages of our platform

  1. Only one connection for all business partners
  2. Fast onboarding of new business partners
  3. Minimal technical effort
  4. Support of all formats and industry standards
  5. Already more than 1,300 connected business partners
  6. Exchange unlimited business messages
  7. Access to the online portal
Web-EDI for your (small) suppliers


Your supplier doesn’t have an EDI-capable ERP or Merchandise Management System? However, you don’t have to do without the advantages of EDI! In our WebEDI portal, your supplier can conveniently view and respond to your orders.

Advantages for your suppliers

  • E-mail notification of newly received orders including direct link to the portal
  • Including PDF of the order directly in the attachment of the mail if desired
  • Minimal effort due to pre-filled drafts
  • Changes can be applied with just a few clicks
  • Easy access via web browser

Your advantages as a customer

  • Simple connection with a click
  • No manual processing of messages necessary
  • No technical effort
  • Little need for reconciliation
  • Processing and checking of orderresponses just like with other partners with an ERP connection
  • Minimal costs