EDI Connection

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As your EDI service provider, we accompany and support the connections to your customers and suppliers. Unlike conventional 1:1 connections, a technical connection between your ERP system and our EDI platform is sufficient to connect all of your business partners.

Without EDI processes

What probably concerns you today:

  1. High expenditure of time due to manual entry of messages by mail/fax/telephone
  2. Delay in the process due to errors in manual entry
  3. No transparency within the processes
  4. No clear examination of conditions due to lack of automation

Without EDI platform

What challenges you face:

  1. Each business partner must be connected individually
  2. Again and again new technical efforts for the setup
  3. Implementation of your business partner’s formats
  4. Operation of all possible interfaces must be ensured
  5. Manual entry of messages in a wide variety of portals
  6. Different transmission protocols must be supported

The solution: The EDI platform

What to expect from our EDI processes:

  1. Process Automation
  2. Make employee resources available
  3. Better control over procurement/sales processes
  4. Cost-efficient use of software
  5. Customer/supplier-specific workflows
  6. Fast connection to customers and suppliers
  7. Contribution to a paperless office